Hair Clipper

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  • REMINGTON ColourCut Hair Clipper HC5035

    Hair clipping just got a whole lot easier and much fun with the Remington ColourCut. With this ingenious clipper, perfect for your family, there’s no longer a chance of getting your length blades confused – you’ll be guaranteed the perfect length every time. In fact, this smart hair cutting kit has everything you need to cut the family’s hair in the comfort of your own home, effortlessly and with complete confidence.

  • REMINGTON Titanium Hair Clipper HC335

    The Remington Titanium Hair Clipper is the ideal kit for at home hair clipping. No fuss, just everything you need for a sharp looking cut in the comfort of your own environment.
    Ideal for the no-nonsense approach, this handy and affordable piece of kit contains all the necessary grooming attachments you need for barber-worthy styling at home.

  • REMINGTON My Groom Hair Clipper HC5100

    My Groom Hair Clipper’s powerful motor means it packs twice as much cutting performance as our standard Remington clipper – and at great value. You know your hair, and you know the style you want! Adjust the comb offers as you cut different areas to create a style that’s just yours.

  • REMINGTON QuickCut Hair Clipper HC4250

    Delivers quickest self-cut ever, so you can achieve great results in the faster time yet – thanks to its CurveCut blade technology, 57% greater blade coverage and its sleek, compact and ergonomic design. A must-have hair clipper to create an array of salon hair styles. Suitable for grading, tapering and trimming, this versatile hair clipper is all you need to create your desired look.

  • REMINGTON Pro Power Precision Steel Hair Clipper HC7110

    Whether you’re maintain your style or creating a whole new look, the Remington corded/cordless hair clipper gives you the tools you need in one clipper. Pro power motor and advanced blade geometry delivers a high-quality cutting performance with every use.

  • REMINGTON Apprentice Hair Clipper HC5018

    Ideal kit for at home hair clipping. The Remington hair clipper contains all necessary attachments and accessories for keeping your hair perfectly trimmed. Customize your style and cut with 5 guide combs, gives you the perfect array of options when it comes to the length and grade you desire.

  • REMINGTON Hair Clipper 10 Pieces Kit HC5015

    High quality hair clipper, comes with 5 guide combs ranging from 3-18mm. So whatever length you want to go for or look you want to achieve, simply select the right guide comb for you and off you go.