Rotary Shaver

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  • REMINGTON Ultimate Series RX5 Head Shaver XR1500

    The Remington Ultimate Series RX5 Head Shaver offers the quickest and easiest head-shaving experience, catering to your busy lifestyle. With 5 cutting heads and skin-close results (0.2mm), you can cover a larger surface area, achieving a smooth, polished look in less than 2 minutes.

    Flexing neck and blades also adapt to the contours of your head, so you can effortlessly glide over your skin for total ease and comfort.

  • REMINGTON Ultimate Series R9 Rotary Shaver XR1570

    Get clever with your shaving with the new Ultimate Series Rotary range. The products have been specifically engineered with close shaving in mind. It not only looks premium, but has our most advanced cutting technology to date. In bold black and on-trend chrome, accompanied by Remington Red detailing, this shaver will make a statement in your bathroom and an extraordinary impact on your shaving routine.

  • REMINGTON Flex360 Facial Grooming Kit XR1410

    The Flex360o Groom Kit puts the ultimate grooming experience in the full palm of your hand. Its advanced ergonomic design combines the full circular movement of your wrist with innovative HyperFlex technology for optimum shaving performance.

  • REMINGTON Travel Shaver R95

    Boasting worldwide voltage, R95 travel shave becomes your most valued travel companion. Taking up so little space means there’s plenty of room for all your other travel essentials. Plus, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your shaving tool is conveniently stowed away and ready to go when you need it.