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  • REMINGTON Botanicals™ Straightener S5860

    The Botanicals™ Straightener offers a fusion of nature’s finest and advanced technology, providing you with smooth, shiny and naturally beautiful hair. The infusion of aloe vera, jojoba and rose extracts into the ceramic plates ensures your hair is pampered with every use.

    Combined with the BotaniCare temperature setting, ionic conditioning and rapid heat-up, achieving your desired hairstyle has never been easier or more caring for your hair.

  • REMINGTON Botanicals™ Rotating Airstyler AS5860

    The Botanicals™ Rotating Airstyler dries and styles in one, giving you the freedom and flexibility to style your way. Its advanced ceramic coating harnesses beauty-enhancing elements found in nature with aloe vera, jojoba and rose extract to boost shine. This unique blend of plant-based extracts nurtures your hair, leaving it soft, vibrant and gloriously nourished.

  • REMINGTON Coconut Smooth Airstyler AS5901

    The Remington Coconut Smooth Airstyler offering you endless possibilities to create your desired look effortlessly. With coconut-infused ceramic barrels and ionic conditioning working harmoniously, your hair will look polished, frizz-free and utterly fabulous.

  • REMINGTON Botanicals™ AC Hairdryer AC5860

    The Botanicals™ AC hairdryer harnesses beauty-enhancing elements found in nature with Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Rose extract Micro-conditioners. These botanical micro conditioners are released into air and care for each strand as it dries.

    With its advanced features and attention to detail, this hair dryer revolutionize your hair care routine and leave you feeling confident, beautiful and in awe of the sheer brilliance it brings to your tresses.

  • REMINGTON Coconut Smooth Straightener S5901

    Straighten your hair smooth with the Coconut Smooth Straightener that has Advanced Ceramic coated plates with Coconut infused Micro-Conditioners, so you can create styles that have all day anti-frizz protection.

    Protect your hair against every day humidity and enjoy soft, smooth results with the Coconut Smooth Straightener now!

  • REMINGTON Mineral Glow Straightener S5408

    The Remington Mineral Glow Hair Straightener in a lilac and pastel blue ombre, creating a sleek, straight style or beachy loose waves, effortless.

  • REMINGTON Shea Soft Straightener S4740

    Great hair starts with a sleek appearance and a naturally soft feel, and that’s exactly you’ll get with the Remington Shea Soft Straightener. This advance power of shea oil with luxurious micro-conditioners, delivering smooth, sleek results that leave your hair feeling irresistibly soft and beautiful.

    With precision temperature control, rapid heat-up and a host of convenient features, achieving stunning hairstyles has never been easier or more caring for your hair.

  • REMINGTON Ceramic Glide 230 S3700

    The Remington S3700 straightener offering 4x protection includes additives infused within the coating for extra shine with less static, now with added titanium.

  • REMINGTON My Stylist Straightener S1A100

    Whether you’re hoping for straight and chic or stunning soft curls, the ceramic coating helps produce a smooth glide and an even heat which protects your hair to keep it looking, and feeling healthy.

  • REMINGTON Coconut Smooth Hairdryer D5901

    The Coconut Smooth collection features Advanced Ceramic coatings with coconut infused micro conditioners that tame your hair all day for anti-frizz protection.

    Offering personalized temperature/heat settings and great performance, the collection enables you to achieve beautiful, frizz-free results, whatever style you desire.

  • REMINGTON Mineral Glow Hairdryer D5408

    The Mineral Glow collection not only helps you create striking hair styles, but makes a statement of its own, with its ombre glow of pastel blue and lilac.

    Infused with 4 naturally sourced minerals including quartz, tourmaline, opal and moonstone, these tools will help you achieve beautifully sleek and shiny results, every day.

  • REMINGTON Shea Soft Hairdryer D4740

    Great hair starts with a beautiful sleek appearance and a naturally soft feel. The Remington Shea Soft Hairdryer features Micro conditioners enriched with Shea Oil that are released into the airflow to leave hair lusciously soft and smooth.