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  • REMINGTON Dual Foil Travel Shaver TF70

    Perfect for sensitive skin, effortlessly delivers a close and comfortable shaving experience. Taking up so little space means there’s plenty of room for all your other travel essentials. Plus, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your shaving tool is conveniently stowed away and ready to go when you need it.

  • REMINGTON Durablade MB050

    With the new DuraBlade, you can trim, shave and style any length of facial hair and will never need to replace the blades!
    Style your beard lines with perfect precision using just the blade, shaving both with and against the grain effortlessly.

  • REMINGTON Beard Boss Professional Beard Trimmer MB4130

    Achieving well-groomed facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss range. With CaptureTrim blades, you can shape and trim your beard or stubble with ultimate precision and look sharper and cleaner than ever before. So you can take total control of your style, like a true beard trimming professional.

  • REMINGTON Beard Boss Beard Trimmer MB4120

    Achieving well-groomed facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss range; the ideal solution for the modern man who wants to own the moment and take complete control of his style.

  • REMINGTON Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035

    Designed for delicate body and bikini areas, this precise trimmer boasts three versatile attachments to ensure you can tailor your trim to your own preference.

  • REMINGTON Cordless Bikini Kit BKT4000

    Designed for delicate body and bikini areas, a perfect tool for all of your bikini trimming needs. Cordless and compact, this trimmer offers complete convenience and gives you the freedom to trim and shape the bikini area with total ease.

  • REMINGTON Battery Operated Lady Shaver WDF4815C

    Hair removal has never been simpler with this showerproof battery charged shaver that performs to the highest standard. Simple and chic, it guarantees a gentle shave with superior results every time.

  • REMINGTON Pro Big Curl CI5338

    The pro big curl is the perfect tool for creating big, bouncy curls and waves. The anti-static feature reduces frizz and tourmaline ionic barrel protects hair from excessive damage for a shiny finish.

  • REMINGTON Cordless Bikini Trimmer BKT3000C

    Ultimate beauty tool for a fuzz-free appearance. Designed for precision grooming of bikini line and stray hairs, a trimmer is so handy and versatile, you’ll wonder how you managed without one.

  • REMINGTON Bikini Trimmer WPG4010C

    The Remington Smooth & Silky battery-operated bikini trimmer offers a combination of precise trimming and personalization to give you complete bikini confidence just when you need it.

  • REMINGTON Pro-air Turbo Dryer D5220

    The exceptionally powerful 2400W has some excellent, innovative features to help you create the perfect silky, smooth style. For effortless drying, look no further than Remington’s Pro-Air Turbo hair dryer.

  • REMINGTON Compact Dryer 2000 D1500

    Your perfect travelling companion, specially designed compact hair dryer comes with a foldable handle and removable diffuser, making it ideal for slipping into a bag..